I was born in 1971 in Stirling, Scotland. My family emigrated to South Africa in 1983 

I was not born a photographer, certainly an artist ambition, to explore my creative spirit.

After school, I learnt the importance of business, marketing and grew my skills in these areas through studying while working in both the retail and corporate industry in sales, training and marketing roles.

Since a early age, i photographed on film, then evolved to digital. I found while developing my skill, i had a special interest of photographing people. I developed my skill and mastered my skill. Even though i'm still learning. 

I am a self taught photographer, filmmaker, digital multimedia professional and now find myself photographing and filming some of the largest Global brands, celebrities and everyday beautiful people, brides, children, CEO's, to mention a few.

I am a full time professional photographer, specializing in Commercial and corporate communication, Social, Wedding, fashion and own a studio in Johannesburg.

Photography and film making is about capturing moments and sharing stories though the way i capture those moments in time, my personality allows me to work well with people and allow them to entrust me with their memories.

My marketing and business background ensures i fully understand my clients requests and aim to always go the extra mile to fulfill them.

With Over 500 short films and documentaries ,300 weddings, 5000 corporate events and winning numerous awards

I Also judge numerous competitions, and have been affiliated by Canon to conduct there training in South Africa since 2017

My services are in global demand based on my talent, not just as a photographer or filmmaker, but my understanding of my clients briefs, through my business and marketing knowledge, i know how to capture those perfect moments 

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