Saturday, September 08, 2012
By Dave Hann
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Melissa and Shaun were a New client referred to me by another happy client and Dr .

With only weeks away from giving birth, Melissa contacted me to photograph her baby bump, she wanted a shoot that captured the beauty of her pregnancy along with her husband Shaun who had just recently returned from climing Kilimanjaro.

The shoot was done in my studio and was a combination of classic, artistic and documentary style.look forward to meeting baby Nicholas 







Tuesday, March 27, 2012
By Dave Hann
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Photo Shoot with Louise Carver on Her New Single and Music Video

The opportunity to work with Louise on her recent music video shoot is any photographers dream, and i was eager to arrive on set and shoot some Behind the Scenes stills her as well as for local magazines, web and blog sites.

The video's main purpose is to use the Camera Obscura technique to help visually represent a metaphorical prison brought on by the constant fear and anticipation of an attack by someone who poses a threat. The camera being used is the Canon C300 and is incredibly special because it is able to shoot exquisite detail in a dark room, which is what I need to build suspense and create feelings of isolation, In the name of art, Louise bravely agreed to shoot the video naked .

The box was not just any box, it was a large pinhole camera, the lens was projecting images of the outside world onto a wall at the back of the box where Louise was sitting, it was inverted and created a layered effect on Louise and adding to the interpretation of the Song.

The image i managed to capture, is what Louise decided to use on her new single cover. It is a photo i captured during the filming of the music video.

Here is some images i captured from the Shoot and filming of Louise Carver New Video for her single "How you gonna do it"






Friday, January 20, 2012
By Dave Hann
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Hi And welcome to my blog site

This site will give me the oppertuntiy to show my latest work, share information on my photography and specific shoots

I look forward to sharing my photography with you,

Please comment and keep in touch